Parents Zone

We strongly believe that it is the joint responsibility of parents and teachers to mould the behavior of the children. We request the fullest co–operation from the parents in this regard.

  1. This diary should be brought to school daily.
  2. Only vegetarian food is entertained. Non – vegetarian food including egg is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  3. Students must report to school by 8.30 a.m.
  4. Late comers will not be entertained.
  5. Students should come to school with proper uniform, trimmed nails & combed hair. Girls having long hair should plait into two and they must use only white band to tie the hair.
  6. Students shall greet the teachers or elders namaste with folded palms whenever they meet them.
  7. Students are expected to converse in english within the school premises.
  8. Students are responsible for the safety of their own belongings.
  9. On days of heavy rains, the school will declare holiday if it is announced by the government. Otherwise parents can use their own discretion to send the child to school.
  10. Students should not wear gold and silver jewelry. Management will not be held responsible for any loss of valuables.
Note To Parents
  1. Parents are requested to go through the diary and sign it every day.
  2. Change of address should be intimated to the school immediately and parents to make changes in the school diary too.
  3. Parents are requested to contact the school office for any information.
  4. In need of urgency parents can meet the teachers after obtaining permission from principal’s office.
  5. To ensure uniformity all notebooks have to be purchased from school.
  6. The school diary is to be used as a means of communication.
  7. English is encouraged to be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater ease in the study of the language.
  8. Parents are requested to extend their full co- operation and support for the upliftment of the institution and respective wards education.
Rules For Attendance
  1. Attendance is compulsory on the first day and the last day of the school of every term.
  2. Students will not be permitted to go home during school hours.
  3. In case a student takes leave for more than three days a medical certificate must be submitted along with the leave letter format attached.
  4. Attendance is compulsory from LKG during Annual day, Sports day and Independence day.
Medical checkup

Medical checkup will be conducted by the doctors arranged by the school and reports will be sent to parents for information and remedying the defects if any.