The school owns 2 acres 7 cents of land. The premises have a building on one part of the land and ample playing and open space on the remaining part of the land.

There are ample and suitable furniture like chairs, tables, cupboards, desks, notice boards etc., for the classroom, faculty rooms, and office to match the needs and comfort of all the students, teachers and staff.

There is also proper space for extracurricular activities with the needed equipment and facilities. The school also suffices the imparting of technical fine arts to the students by keeping adequate equipments.

The school also provides resource centre for the students with learning disability.


JAIN School has a good library with ample number of books. To create interest in reading and enhance the reading skills.

Books are sent home through the ward. A library card is issued to note the transaction for parents notice :
1. The books should be maintained well and returned on time.
2. If a book is misplaced or damaged, the students will have to pay the cost or replace the book.

Interested students STD VI to IX are allowed to take other publisher books for reference and reading.

Our school library is fully air conditioned which provides information, inculcates ideas, and develops knowledge that is so essential for functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge based society.

Our school library is the hub of all the activities planned and executed in school.

It can be used by students to prepare for their next class period, home examination, general education, information, competitions, recreation and inspiration. To cater the needs of students and teachers, our school has judiciously selected and procured the prescribed and other reading material from different sources.

Computer Lab

Our vision is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to use effectively technology to access, manage and exchange information through the use of technology as a natural part of the teaching and learning process to support the 21st century learner.

Information technology (IT) begins not with computers or video information systems, but our students becoming world-class citizens of the twenty-first century. Our vision is to provide our students with world-class opportunities. We believe that the use of instructional technology can positively affect the quality of teaching and learning by emphasizing core subjects and learning skills, provided for immediate access to information as well as to provide a variety of means to publish and communicate information within the school community. As teachers and students explore 21st century tools, we believe that our teachers will find a new role as facilitators to our students as they explore information and publish their ideas electronically.

Furthermore, our teachers will be able to make their instruction more relevant to 21st century learning by incorporating data from a variety of electronic sources and through increased contact with other educators throughout the world. We believe that the cost of this technology is justified by giving the students the technical literacy and communications skills that are in demand in the modern workplace.

Math Lab

Our math lab presents a unique confluence of hands-on mathematics tools and digital content to help the students to explore and enjoy Mathematics.

Our school believes that modern day learning system has to be a blended form of teaching and learning strategies, for a child to experience and build connections with the concepts.It is the combination of exploratory, investigative and digital form of learning.