The Academic year is divided into two terms of six months
I term - April to October
II term - October to March

The A M JAIN SCHOOL with English as the medium of instruction follows the curriculum guidelines and syllabus laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE ).

The A M JAIN SCHOOL syllabus is built on proper research by experts to provide guidance in reading, writing and arithmetic.

We combine the best classroom – tested materials, teacher – created worksheets which are meticulously planned for the curriculum. The children will be guided through each lesson with a multipronged approach.

Languages I – English
Languages II – Hindi, tamil ( II language is taught from UKG)
Languages III – Hindi, tamil ( III Language is taught from std III – std vIII)

Important Note:
1. Hindi and Tamil are compulsory as either II Language or III Language

2. Those who opt particular language as II Language in UKG are advised to maintain the same as II Language up to X STD.

Internal Assessment Areas
Internal assessment is an integral part of the curriculum
1. Computer awareness programme is compulsory from STD I
2. Physical and Health Education
3. Art Education
4. Value Education
5. Yoga
6. Music
7. Dance
8. Library


The assessment is conducted as per the CBSE norms
Final grade will be based on the overall performance


A minimum of 90% attendance is a must for promotion to higher classes.